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We are passionate about narrating films and series, entertaining viewers with fiction, comedy and shows and promoting your brand.

In addition, we support international production companies with their filming in Austria. Bringing all of this under one roof is a responsible task that we face every day. You know some productions from television, cinema or the Internet.

Further works will never see the light of day. These are intended for corporate communications and below the line area. Responsible for the first-class implementation of the complex. Projects are a tough core team and a large network of specialists.


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Green Producing

We at Gebhardt Productions GmbH not only know our responsibility for our actions with regard to the environment and sustainability, we also act.

We have largely changed the manufacturing processes for our series, films and shows in order to meet the Green Producing guidelines. We place just as much emphasis on changing the technical processes as we do on raising awareness of sustainability among all filmmakers and partners.

We act out of deep conviction and want to make a valuable contribution to maintaining a clean environment.


Gebhardt Productions is an independent film production company that has been successfully producing fictional and non-fictional entertainment for more than 20 years. In non-fictional entertainment, Gebhardt Productions shapes the Austrian television program with long-running formats such as the comedy show “Wir sind Kaiser”, the comedy panel show “What's new?”, Young formats such as the stand-up comedy show “Pratersterne” and more snappy Satire like “Wir Staatskünstler”.

The fictional portfolio includes "Soko Kitzbühel" (since 2017), the anniversary TATORT "Wehrlos" (40th crime scene with Harald Krassnitzer), the police drama series "CopStories" and, most recently, the movie "Die letzte Party deines Lebens", a teenage horror thriller.

The TV crime series "Soko Linz" is being produced by Gebhardt Productions since 2021.

"Soko Kitzbühel" is one of the most successful TV crime series in Austria and Germany and has been a crowd puller on ORF and ZDF for 20 years.

Since episode 252 in 2019, the show has been produced according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

With this award, "Soko Kitzbühel" is the first green certified series in Austria and has been followed by "Soko Linz" and the science comedy show "Science Busters", that are being produced since 2021 according to the "green producing" rules.


SOKO Kitzbühel
Season 19, Episodes 252-257
Season 20, Episodes 258-270


Season 01, Episodes 01-13


Science Busters
Episodes 93-104


Florian Gebhardt

Executive Partner

Josef Gebhardt


Gregor Schmalix

Producer, Prokurist

Dominique Dünser

Producerin Non Fiction

Helmut Lehner

Production management

Ines Rotheneder

Front Office

Dani Purer

Producerin, Stoffentwicklung

Hannes Blamayer

Format development Fiction

Michaela Perger-Marboe

Format development Non Fiction

Simone Stadlbauer

Production Manager

Daniel Wawronek

Production Coordination

Octavian Gschaider

Productions assistent

Sabine Fraissl

Film management, accounting, payroll

Michaela Loibnegger

Bookkeeping / accounting

Katarina Mader

Bookkeeping / accounting

Jennifer Newrkla

Greenproducing Consultant

David Handl

Head of Post Production

Anna Zibar

Graphics / assistant editing

Nina Stafflinger

Assistant editor

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